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We have answered some of your frequently asked questions that will help you understand our business better.

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Please review our apartment lease agreement.

The security deposit for all apartments is the same…equal to one month’s rent. The security deposit plus the last two months' rent is required upon signing our lease.

No pets are accepted in any of our properties.

We do require renter’s insurance per our lease. Our company has insurance to protect the structure of the building, but this does not cover the contents or liability of the tenants. We have found, in most cases, if the parents still support the tenant, the parent’s homeowner insurance has a clause for the child to be covered while they are away at school. Renter's insurance is not expensive, and for multiple tenants on the lease, the tenants may purchase a joint policy on the house.

Yes. However, you must find your subtenant and have all sublets approved by us. We will not support any sublet from a person we believe may be a risk to you or your roommates. Each tenant may sublet their room only. Please discuss any sublet possibilities with your roommates and consider their wishes before formalizing any agreements. All tenants named on the lease will have to give their consent in writing on the sublet form for any potential sublet. The tenant and subtenant are responsible for arranging the specifics of the sublet: the amount of rent and payment terms for the sublet, key pickup and return, utility payments, and other details. The tenant and not the subtenant is still responsible for the lease throughout the lease term.

We have parking spots available to rent on all our properties (review our parking lease agreement), except 136 College Ave and 109 Catherine St. 136 College Ave tenants can rent parking spots at our Linden Ave lot and 109 Catherine St tenants at our Eddy St lot.

If you have a maintenance request and your landlord is Matoulas Houses, please contact us. If it is an emergency, please call our phone number posted on your house.

All houses/apartments are furnished. Each unit comes with a full-size bed, dresser, closet, desk, office chair, dining tables, chairs, sofa, coffee table.

Up to date trash pick up found here. Up to date recycling pick up found here. Plastic bags may not be used for recycling trash. No trash bags can be seen around the property until the collection night. All trash cans can be stored on the exterior of the building in containers with a tight lid. Recycling is picked up every other week on trash night.

NYSEG +1 (800) 572-1111. Office hours Monday - Friday: 7:00 AM - 7:00 PM

The City of Ithaca supplies the water. The city sends the invoice to the building owner quarterly, and then the invoice will be sent to the tenants.