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Thanks for being a fantastic landlord this year, we will really miss living in 124! All the best.

Katherine G.

Thank you, Matoula. I enjoyed living in your house this year!!

Layla H.

Thank you so much for a great year - you've been an incredible landlord!!

Eva S.

After hearing some of the horror stories of some of the other landlords in Collegetown, I really regret not resigning the lease because you are far and away one of the best landlords in Collegetown.

Alex B.

Dear Matoula, thank you for the care and safe housing you provided to my children for the last several years. We took comfort knowing our childern were safe.

John and Nancy C.

We are so incredibly appreciative of all your hard work to make us comfortable!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Anna L.

Thank you Matoula: This place has been a dream and we've loved every second living here. Thank you for helping us create a home!

Yvonne & Julia



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