COVID19 - A letter from Matoula

Due to COVID19, it is recommended that house showings take place remotely if possible; however, a physical visit to a property may be required. Should an in-person appointment be required, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Department of Health (DOH) guidance should be followed to minimize the spread of COVID-19. All parties will use their best efforts and judgment to minimize the health risk to themselves and to each other.

We are a small family business, Matoula, Mr. Greg, Angela and Speros, so the risk of exposure is small. However we take extra precautions in our day to day lives, to keep our family and everybody safe. 

During tours, minimum amount of people will be able to see the properties. The people touring the house, can take a video and show the rest of the group. In order for the tour to take place and most importantly to keep everybody safe (current tenants, landlord and prospective tenants) we have placed the following guidelines:

  • Prospective tenants must wear a mask when you approach the person that will give you the tour.
  • Prospective tenants must wear the mask appropriately, during the entire tour.
  • Prospective tenants must wear gloves, even though they are not to touch anything in the house.
  • Prospective tenants must stay 6 feet away from the person that is giving you the tour and from each other. 
  • We will temp check you before entering the house.
  • You will sign the form that we will provide you, before entering the house.
  • Matoula and her family will be wearing masks, gloves and use hand sanitizer. 


All these guidelines must be maintained and followed, in order to have a pleasant tour.

Thank you for your understanding during these trying times. 

Be well, stay safe, stay healthy!

Matoula and Family

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